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Window of Discovery 2018-2020 - Bashar Los Angeles Event

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Window of Discovery 2018-2020 - Bashar Los Angeles Event

“Window of Discovery 2018-2020”   Friday, December 1, 2017 –  7:30pm – 10pmThe session we’ve all been waiting for!  In The Window of Discovery, Bashar will talk about the upcoming three years and give his unique perspective on the changes we are going through and what we can expect.  The years following the Fall of 2016 present a highly accelerated window of opportunity for discovery and acceleration as we ride the rapids into new versions of Earth.  Bashar will share some ideas and perspectives on the different levels of perception and expansion that are now becoming available, so that we can move in our preferred directions with more ease and excitement than ever before.  In this exciting session Bashar will use his unique insights to help us maximize our potential for creating our preferred realities in these interesting times.
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