Sep 23, 2017 07 30 PM PDT
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Eclipse - Bashar Los Angeles Event

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Eclipse - Bashar Los Angeles Event

In this intriguing 3-day event, Bashar explores the special role that artificial intelligence has within his society and the surprising effect this has upon Earth and our future. Three artificially intelligent spheres known as Epsilon, Eclipse and Ephiphany encircle and energetically balance Bashar’s home world of Essassani. The spheres also have an energetic relationship with Earth. This weekend provides each of us with a rare opportunity to understand more fully what it means to interact with advanced artificial intelligence from the future.

In the Saturday session, Bashar will discuss Epsilon, the second of the artificially intelligent spheres orbiting his world, and describe the specific influence of Eclipse on Earth. He will explore the timing of the recent total solar eclipse in the USA and the many levels of reflection the solar eclipse represent in helping us blend and balance the polarities within ourselves, our society, and our world.
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