Nov 30, 2018 07 00 AM PST
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Bashar: Parables and Time Crystals

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Bashar: Parables and Time Crystals

Join Bashar in these winter transmissions which will act as a holistic energy current that will propel you more smoothly in the direction of becoming more of your true selves, through the rapid accelerating energies of 2019, 2020 and into 2021.

Friday, November 30, 2018
Join Bashar as he introduces the the idea of parables as stories, and also as parallel probable realities. Bashar will also discuss the idea of how time crystals are an analogy for how you can flip back and forth between different states more easily to create the stories that work for you, more clearly and more strongly in your lives.

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Will there be a replay of the event?
- Yes, the event will automatically replay for up to 3 days after the event ends.
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- No, sorry, a download is not included.
How do I access the live stream one the day of the event?
- After you have purchased your access, simply return to this page or click through the event page on to bring you back here.

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