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2019:Crossing The Threshold - The Year of Decision and Revelation

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2019:Crossing The Threshold - The Year of Decision and Revelation

A new transition point is coming up now! It’s important to be ready for the upcoming changes! The theme of Bashar’s September weekend event is preparing for things to come. During these three sessions, Bashar will share information and unique tools to prepare us for the journey ahead!

Friday, September 28, 2018

We are entering a time of accelerated change! Secrets are coming to the surface! 2019 is numerologically a ”triad” year, and Bashar will explore 3 very important levels of change: 1) an increase in shake ups and breakups 2) preparations necessary to carry you through 2020 and beyond 3) consciously aligning with the trinity energy and choosing to deal with polarities from the balance point at the center.

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