Apr 28, 2018 10 30 AM PDT
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Bashar: The Five Hybrid Races

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Bashar: The Five Hybrid Races

Bashar wasn’t exaggerating when he called 2018 to 2020 the Window of Discovery. The information quarantine has changed, and Bashar is opening the window wide and letting the new information in. Bashar has told us much about his Sassani race, and that the Sassani are the third race of five. In The Five Hybrid Races, he will finally be able to tell us what we’ve all wanted to know for so long, specific information on the Five Hybrid races. This transmission will discuss the name and function of each hybrid race, the role they play in the overall family of hybrid races, and specifically the role each plays in our human evolution as we become the sixth hybrid race.

Live Stream FAQ's:
Will there be a replay of the event?
- Yes, the event will automatically replay for up to 3 days after the event ends.
Does the live stream include a download of the event?
- No, sorry, a download is not included.
How do I access the live stream one the day of the event?
- After you have purchased your access, simply return to this page or click through the event page on Bashar.org to bring you back here.

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